Awaken to the

life you were created to live.

Transformational Coaching and Training for women ready to claim the life they are called to live.

Breathe Life into Dormant Dreams & Purpose


Uncover Truth and Align to Achieve Real Success


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Feeling Stuck?

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed before the day has even started? Finding yourself worried, distracted, irritable and sometimes don’t know why? Is it difficult to really focus, have clarity and make confident decisions?

Intuitively you know you were created for more, but the day’s demands keep chasing you, instead of you having God lead your day.

I’ve been there, I get it! Guess what?
If we could have figured it out by ourselves – we would have.

You can claim a life you love.

and I can help.

Be Extra-ordinary!

Wake up each day with the kind of purpose, passion and joy – that shows it.

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Coaching with Gail helped me to see how manageable and beneficial change can be. Gail walked me through some major life stressors and provided the support I needed to move forward.


Real Solutions…

In over twenty five years in Direct Sales & Network Marketing, I have had the honor and privilege of mentoring women, building teams and navigating an industry I love. I’ve experienced leading with the world’s priorities vs Kingdom priorities and you know what? There’s no comparison.

Today, it is one of my greatest joys to Coach and Train women. I have been called to coach. Called to live transparently as a wife, mother, business owner and Kingdom Entrepreneur. Called to share the real struggles, the real fears and the real solutions.

I offer 1:1 Coaching and Training with Kingdom Solutions that allow you to stop playing small, stop wanting to quit. And will awaken you to His Vision for the real IMPACT you are called to make in this life!

You are 

too cherished to settle!

Gail Root

Certified Professional Christian Coach, Trainer and Speaker.



What if the only thing between you and your best life is a decision? After your free Discovery Call, I will recommend a blend of solutions specifically for you. Then you will decide your next steps.


Ready to unbury the treasure that God has stored inside you?  Ready to live with vision, purpose and impact?  You only get one life to live. 



Sometimes your team is just not going to hear “it” from you – I’ve been there! Someone else comes along and suddenly they see the light!


Join these women who have traded

B-u-s-y for Joy

and claimed lives they love!

Coaching with Gail, my eyes were opened to a new wisdom about myself that I wouldn’t have discovered without her encouragement, love and non judgmental style. Gail leads with strong faith that is comforting and thought provoking.


Gail has coached me, encouraged me and supported me to set up a course of action to make big changes in my life… with accountability. I encourage you to work with Gail. This is the answer to prayer if you have been looking for someone to support your goals and live God’s plan for your best life.


Gail has been my #1 go to for life’s challenges over these past few years. Her faith is always first. She reminds me to forgive and that I am forgiven. She reminds me of God’s love for me and that His plan is always best. Working with her has resulted in me achieving some of my greatest dreams.


I had the pleasure of working with Gail for over 9 months. Not only has she guided me to be able to name my goals, but she has a way of making me stay positive and committed to them!


Ready to Live a Life you LOVE?

Choose where to start.

Gain Focus

Making the decision that status quo is not working, is the first step to moving toward success! Are you willing to invest time and income to become the Daughter, wife, mom & leader you know you are called to be?

Uncover Your Passions

Take time to honor the dreams God gave you and bring them into the light! You will be amazed at how quickly your clarity, productivity and focus awakens.


Challenge your team to envision their most extraordinary life! Identifying barriers & fears to unleash their confidence & belief. Give them the staying power they need to SUCCEED!