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Mar 27, 2020 | Life Coaching

Sunset and a field

Do you have a vision for your future?  How detailed is it?  Do you know that science has proven that the more detailed your vision is, the more likely you will achieve it?  Read that again!

How do we find a vision for our future??  Where do we begin?

First, we begin in prayer.  Ask God to reveal what He has already placed inside you.  Ask Him to show you how each of your experiences in life have had purpose and meaning toward your next step.  Trust He will reveal the answers to you, in His time.

Begin journaling, asking yourself questions in each area of your life (see Life Wheel in Coaching section). If this area was a 10, on a scale of 1-10 (10 being AWESOME) what would it look like? Use the power of your imagination – don’t hold back – not time, not money, not talent matters in this brain storming – just write!  What does that BEST VERSION of you IN THAT SPECIFIC AREA look like?  Feel like?

What would your day be like if it was a perfect 10?  WRITE IT DOWN.  Is it scary?  YES!  But it is the greatest thing you can do!  Trust your imagination.  Trust someone to share it with…keep praying over it.  Ask God to show you what is the most important at this time to focus on…

You will be AMAZED at how this exercise AWAKENS YOU.  The emotion that this vision and version of you brings forth in you! Allow this vision to wake you up in the morning. Feel the joy and excitement and begin!

One step a time, one day a time!


Gail Root 


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