I Had it All Backwards

Mar 27, 2020 | Life Coaching

It is the little things that change my life.  The little things that I do each day that make the difference.  I had it all backwards! 

I kept thinking I had to make these HUGE shifts in how I lived – how I ate, how I exercised, how I kept house, how I organized my day, how I…” This is such a lie and it was keeping me stuck, stuck, stuck!  This feeling of frustration and even sometimes hopelessness – its not possible to take action from this place!

I would think, “If I do a couple little changes today that it won’t even matter, so why bother?”


Stay with me.  Here’s an example:  Let’s say we have a goal, a dream…  to: take the family on vacation, to be fit, healthy and active, to have a lake cabin to retreat to, to go to Hawaii… What’s the next thought, “Yeah right, like that’s gonna happen!” 

How do we think we are ever going to get from here to there and achieve that dream? We tell ourselves, “That’s a HUGE leap!  Forget it!” We start the blame game, “I cant ever save that much with this stupid job” or “If my husband earned more maybe, but that’s not gonna happen.” or  If…”   The negative self talk is such a habit.  A crushing habit. Spirit crushing habit.  It’s a dream stealer!  It’s defeat before we even start!  And we DO THIS TO OURSELVES!

But the TRUTH is WE DON’T HAVE TO MAKE A HUGE LEAP!  NOT TODAY!  As a matter of fact, that HUGE LEAP is like winning the lottery – not likely – so a part of us is correct we can’t do it in a HUGE LEAP – BUT WE CAN DO IT = One day, one step, one goal at a time.

Here’s how:

We sit down and say, “Ok what would it take to make this happen?”

A trip to Disney for example, flights, hotel, park tickets, food, treats.  We do the recon. We  estimate $5000.  If I saved $100 a month, $25 a week, I could pay for it in 2 years!  WOW!  

Is that too long?  Too far away?  What if I saved $200 a month, $50 a week?  And we could go in one year?  What am I willing to do part time to bring in $200 a month consistently for one year to be able to take my family to Disney in one year?! 

Who can I find to help me and to share my dream?  How can my family encourage me? Who can I ask to hold me accountable, cheer for me each week, each month for reaching my goal?  Am I willing?

I promise this works!  It’s about doing a little bit each day to bring in that weekly goal. Make a plan and work the plan.  Find a mentor, a buddy, a coach.

I am cheering for you!


Gail Root 


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