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& Change Everything

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Ladies, are you secretly afraid sometimes that God’s promises of freedom, joy, peace and rest are meant for others, for those more “worthy”?  And although you get glimpses of them, perhaps you will have to wait until heaven to really experience them?  Well, thats a lie straight from the pit!

Here is a 6 step “recipe” that when practiced every morning will AWAKEN you, your life and business like you never knew possible!  You can CLAIM God’s promises and I can’t wait to show you how!

God is Calling us to Rise Up,
but first we have to Root Down.

The Day My Life Changed Forever

It was Mothers Day weekend, 2018.  I woke up first and the house was quiet. (I love this time of day). I was having my morning coffee and trying to find some quiet for my (ever) racing thoughts.  I had no idea something life changing was about to take place. Out of seemingly nowhere, I heard the Holy Spirit call to me, (in a loving but firm voice):  “Gail, WAKE UP!”  (Huh? I was awake?!)  The Holy Spirit continued, “Stop living this way of distraction and worry. You are creating SELF INDUCED anxiety.  STOP!  I created you to live with purpose and joy.

I created you to wake up every day excited, in anticipation of the adventure that I have in store for you, for your life!” And then, so softly, in the saddest whisper, “you are missing it!” 

Whoa. This hit me deeply, profoundly. I listened, understanding something huge had just happened.  I prayed. I was ready to change but I was scared, what and how?!  Do you see God in this… Because I was willing to change, very shortly after I was introduced to a specific morning practice. (God answered).  Over time, following simple steps every morning, everything changed. Now, with over 700 hours practicing, I have been called to share this gift with YOU!

Ready to go from feeling distracted, irritable and worried

– TO –

Spending the day feeling calm, focused, present and excited,

filled with purpose and joy?!

This Challenge is not for everyone.  It is not even for those who need it, but be blessed, it is for THOSE WHO WANT IT. Those who are ready. Ready to WAKE UP to YOUR most amazing life! The life God created for YOU to live! A life filled with purpose, joy, focus and space…. A life that starts each day with INTENTION. A life that HONORS God by offering Him your first hour. Yes, your first hour. That’s the cost – one hour. And it’s so worth it.

I remember thinking, “I don’t have an extra hour each morning!” And now I know, I can’t afford NOT to spend an hour each morning with God.  There’s nothing more important that I do each day.

This is a

 6 Step Practice.

Yes, we will read scripture. Yes, we will pray. Yes, we will ask for His vision over our lives. Yes, we will read and grow & mature. Yes, we will prepare for the day, BUT we do all that SECOND. FIRST we will be SILENT. First, we surrender. We bring the body, we bring the mind and we bring the spirit – to His feet and we are STILL.

God has used this morning practice to transform my inner being. I have grown in my dependence on our Father in ways I never knew possible. It is the sweetest, most beautiful time of my day. I am not perfect, but He is. And so I go, each morning and I begin the most important part of my day, I sit still, breathe and listen.

What to expect as you practice 

Master Your Morning?


Deeper faith.

More present in your day.


Calm replacing anxious.

Focus replacing distraction.


Increased ability to focus on the direction you are headed.


Time and space over rush and worry.

A  growing confidence in your ability to hear God’s voice daily.


A growing clarity of your purpose.

What Are Others Saying about
The Challenge…

This Challenge was powerful, convicting, freeing and AWESOME…So inspiring! A beautiful reminder of what God will do when “tether our hearts to His!

This 6 Day Challenge was definitely a wake up call for me to allow God to captivate my whole heart again and experience more than I had in recent years. It confirmed things I knew and ways to reconnect and it inspired me to go back to the place where God awakens my soul.

Without this Challenge who knows how much longer it would have taken for me to realize what God is trying to show me – what I had been missing for far too long. Thank you, thank you!

I was so moved by the words of truth and enlightenment. I was brought to my knees when I realized at my age, I had not yet developed a specific time each day to spend with the One who loves me, all the time. Sure, I pray and surround myself with worship music and I know that God knows my heart BUT to STOP everything and just (try) to listen to Him is challenging and just what I needed to hear! Thank you!

This Challenge has been a time of growth for me. I thank God for what He is doing through you Gail.

When surveyed, 100% said they would share this Challenge with a friend. 82% said they would want to attend the Challenge AGAIN. 85% said that 6 Days, one hour each day for each step was perfect amount of time.

I’m sad it’s over. I could have kept going. My favorite part was learning to give up my agenda and having a longer more peaceful day!

I enjoyed it all and took copious notes!

What a shot in the arm it was for me. I am so glad I did not pass it by! Im feeling good about doing the Challenge every morning. I can never thank you enough. I believe He spoke through you every day. God bless you Gail.

80% said if it had costed money that YES it would it have been worth paying for it.

Still swimming in all the awesomeness from this Challenge!


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