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Mar 27, 2020 | Life Coaching

Gail Root Called to Awaaken Background About

Have you ever been grateful for illness, for pain? Ok, maybe in hindsight at least?

It was May of 2017.  I was suffering with nerve pain from cervical bulging discs, herniations, bone spurs and stenosis – not uncommon, but not fun.  I was anxious and not sleeping well, despite ten years of anxiety medication.  I had recently been diagnosed with Microscopic Colitis (gut inflammation) – a trifecta of health concerns that I will be FOREVER GRATEFUL for, why?  – It was the beginning of my WAKE UP call.

I was googling, studying and trying to discover the underlying causes of my health issues when I received a call from a long time friend.  Now I believe it was a God ordained call.  You know the kind? She began by asking me if I had ever heard of hemp extracts, specifically “CBD”… I never had and I was not really listening (just being honest) until she started listing the things that it was helping people with. She literally said ALL THREE of MY ISSUES!  “Inflammation, nerve pain and anxiety.”  What?!  She got my attention.  I was listening.  Well, I was listening, until she said the word, Cannabis, and then my mind closed like a steel trap!  (Remember this was 2017).

I am thinking, “What? Cannabis? Is she nuts!  That gets you high! Not me!”  Instead I heard myself saying, “I wish you the best, but I am not interested” – She gently continued and began educating me and helping me to understand – there was ZERO THC in this product.  This was all so new and so different from what I had been taught!  After days of research (literally), I began to see how misinformed I had been.

I prayed often, asking God to please show me if this was part of His plan for healing in my life.  Step by step, I proceeded. Continued to pray. Continued to seek guidance, facts, research and truth. 

I began taking a very high quality Hemp extract (commonly called as cbd) daily.  Within 3 months, with my Doctors support and guidance, I was 100% off of my 10 years of pharmaceuticals!!  I began WAKING UP from being emotionally numbed by the medicine. I was beginning to BE ME again.  I was responding and feeling in ways I had not in years!  It was JOY!

After three years of adding this super food extract to my body everyday – the changes are too numerous to even list.

But the most amazing part?  The EMOTIONAL and SPIRITUAL benefits. When I am calmer, I make better choices.  When I make better choices, the loved ones around me respond better. As my relationships improve, I am not as afraid to be vulnerable.  That courage brings more love and intimacy.  I am more able to focus. To sit in silence. To trust. God did for me what I could not do for myself!  Each day I continue to AWAKEN to this amazing life!


Gail Root 


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