My Lowest was The Highest

Mar 27, 2020 | Life Coaching

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In February of 2013, I was at my max weight. I was bloated, I was irritable, I was ashamed of my choices.  The worst I felt, the more sugar I wanted!  It felt hopeless at times and that was incredibly discouraging.

When I was at my lowest (depressed about my physical health) I had the courage to reach out to my sister. She shared with me the documentary FAT, SICK AND NEARLY DEAD by Joe Cross.  It detailed his story of healing his body FROM THE INSIDE OUT with maximizing vegetable and fruit intake (80/20) through juicing.

I had a plan.  I made a commitment and said, “I am a grown woman and I can’t keep blaming others for my choices or lack of will power.”  I found support and encouragement.  I found accountability.  I prayed. I asked for help. I made a plan on how I would overcome the obstacles that would inevitability come.


When those times came – when I usually “cave” into the cookies or crap food. Instead I had a plan – an apple or bag of nuts at the ready.  I even had healthy back up in my purse and in the car. I made homemade ice cream with frozen bananas, cacoa powder and peanuts for a treat!

I planned to succeed instead of failed to plan.  (Somebody really smart came up with that one). I identified my weak areas and found healthy solutions that were yummy.  I was determined not to feel deprived.  After a couple of month’s the weight starting coming off.  I kept going.  I had slogans that helped me get through tempting moments. I journaled and stayed honest with my feelings and how things were going.

I got free of the craving for sugar. (Did think that was possible when I started). I did not feel deprived. I had a new outlook on life. 

I became grateful for that lowest moment, when I was at my highest weight, that brought me to my knees.  Fast forward 7 years later, its not perfect (my weight), but everyday I focus on caring for the inside of my body rather than focused on how the outside looks.  Yes, it’s an inside job!


Gail Root 


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