“Oh, It’s an Inside Job!”

Mar 27, 2020 | Life Coaching

Woman praying outside in a winter day

I had always cared about getting “the outside” to look good – exercise and diet were about smaller clothes and compliments (please don’t judge me,  at least I am admitting it! 😉  Following the latest fad diet to reduce fast and quick for an upcoming event, reunion, trip, wedding, right?!  Sometimes it actually worked, but why did I always find those lost pounds?  Once that special day/event was over, I would think, “Well, I’ll just have one (cookie, brownie, etc) and down the slippery slope I went!

An awakening… focusing on the outside wasn’t working! It was creating temporary, short term change, only to then watch my weight increase on the scale.  

A still small voice called to me one day and said – “IT’S AN INSIDE JOB!”  At first, I didn’t understand. I thought it meant to get right emotionally so I could “stay on track” and “not cave” and “be vigilant” – I just needed more will power!  But that wasn’t working either!

THEN with prayer and honesty, I called out and asked, “God, please help me, I really want to understand and change.”  Then it became so clear – IT’S ABOUT CARING, ACTUALLY CARING about the INSIDE OF MY BODY – caring about what I put in to it. Knowing that my body is A GIFT and a temple and is to be honored.

Becoming deeply aware that each and every food (or beverage) that I choose to put into my body, either helps heal my body or hurts my body!  Whoa, let that sink it – read it again.  Then something AMAZING happened! Once I started caring about THE INSIDE of my body – THE OUTSIDE STARTED TAKING CARE OF ITSELF!  I had been focusing on the wrong thing!  Boom!


Gail Root 


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