I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that you are here at Called To Awaken.  Check out these services to assist you in awakening to your best life – the one God created for you to live. 

Breathe life into dormant dreams Called to Awaken


Awaken your passion and purpose, trusting God’s vision over your life. In Coaching you gain powerful new insights, get unstuck and see clearly how to leap forward…

Find more joy in your day Called to Awaken


Customize a plan based on goals for you & your team. Choose from a menu of Kingdom Solutions. Get to the root issues so you & your team can soar and multiple.

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Dig deeper through one of Gail’s Signature Trainings. 1:1 or Group. Master Your Morning & Kingdom Sales.

Master Your Morning
Kingdom Sales
Breathe life into dormant dreams Called to Awaken

One on One Coaching

My Story

Awakening in Coaching.
God called to me, “Gail, I have planted dreams, desires & plans inside of you – all for you to live an amazing life – a life filled with purpose, passion, freedom & joy (and then in a soft, sad whisper) – “you are missing it!” I was stunned. I surrendered and became willing to be coached and held accountable to digging in and committing to live the life God prepared for me to live!

Coaching is taking time to press pause and say, “I believe God has created me for more. I am ready. It’s time to stop playing small. It’s time to discover God’s Vision for my life and how I am called to make an impact!”

Gail Root Certified Professional Christian Life Coach

Called to Coach, in her words…

Ready to Get Started?

“Coaching is the art and practice of enabling individuals and groups to move from where they are to where they want to be.

Christian Coaching is the art and practice of enabling individuals and groups to move from where they are to where God wants them to be.”

Dr. Gary Collins, PhD. Christian Coaching

What Coaching is not…

Coaching is not mentoring (helping someone to follow in your footsteps).

Coaching is not counseling (professional guidance looking back and healing past wounds/trauma).

Coaching is not consulting (hiring someone to evaluate, assess and offer solutions).

Each have their own powerful roles to play in any business or life, but they are not coaching.

Ready to look forward, to change your life?

Wheel of Life


Wheel of Life having God, faith life, personal growth, marriage & romance, family & friends, finances, health& fitness, career, fun & adventure and personal growth like its components


Coaching Packages


Chart Your Course I

  • 20 Minute Discovery Call
  • 4 one on one (50 min) coaching sessions
  • Choose 1 area of the Life Wheel
  • Weekly action plan
  • Text and email support weekly

*Course I = You are determined to move forward in a specific area. Together we will zero in and you will experience immediate traction.


Chart Your Course II


 20 Minute Discovery Call

  • 8  one on one (50 min) coaching sessions
  • Choose 2-3 areas of the Life Wheel
  • Weekly action plan
  • Text and email support weekly

*Course II = You have 2-3 areas you want to target. Together we create a plan and as you take focused action, watch shifts begin occurring in all areas.


Transformational Journey


  • 20 Minute Discovery Call
  • 9 one on one (50 min) coaching sessions
  • 3 weeks mentoring / one per month
  • Choose 2-3 areas of the Life Wheel
  • Values assessment or Spiritual Gifts assessment
  • Weekly action plan and overall long term plan
  • Text and email support weekly

Experts have shown that a commitment of 3 months, using a 3 week, one week format provides a solid foundation for breakthroughs and lasting change.


*Individual Session


  • 20 Minute Discovery Call
  • 1 (50 min) one-on-one coaching session
  • *Low risk introduction to coaching or perfect for a check in session.


Signature Courses

& Change Everything

6 Day Masterclass to Transform Your Life and Business!

(Click here to learn more).


KINGDOM SALES: The Shift from Sleazy to Sacred in One Hour

(Click here to learn more).

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Book Gail to work with your team on discovering their purpose and vision for their life and how it intimately impacts their business.

This discovery is what generates the staying power for your team to thrive and multiply!

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Get your FREE copy of Gail’s applauded children’s style book, Everybody Sells: Never feel afraid of being seen as “salesy”, “pushy” or “annoying” in your business ever again!


“Walk Away Proud of Your Profession” in Direct Sales / Network Marketing. An industry founded on biblical principles. Let’s uncover Truth and learn to speak with confidence, love and respect about this industry.

Additional Sample of Training Topics:

  • Transform Life and Business with Spiritual Tools,
  • Servant Leadership, Building a Kingdom Business,
  • Kingdom Principles in Network Marketing.