Treadmill Living

Mar 27, 2020 | Life Coaching

Treadmills in a gym

Did you ever feel like you were living that movie Groundhog Day? Over and over again, same thing day in and day out. This my friends is the real Walking Dead… it’s the day to day, same after same, running on the treadmill of life – not a lot to look at from the treadmill. From that perspective, there is never enough – not enough time, not enough effort, not enough affection, not enough talent, not enough money.

From that treadmill, grass must be greener somewhere else.Is this you or partly you? Constantly looking outward, at times envious of others. Thinking, “If only I had…”

The real answer is WITHIN us – we already have it inside… How much time do we take to ask ourselves, WHAT DO I WANT? WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT TO ME? WHAT DOES THE BEST VERSION OF ME AS A WIFE, MOTHER, FRIEND, LOOK LIKE? What can I do each day to work toward that version of me?

What dreams, plans, purpose did God put inside me? What lights me up? What inspires me? What do I want my life to look like? What am I willing to do to get there? Am I willing to get started? Who can help me? Who can I ask for prayer, fencouragement, guidance?

We weren’t created to do this life alone.


Gail Root 


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